Creation: 2022-07-10
Last modification: 2023-05-05

About this site

Flowers for the End is my personal site. It serves multiple purposes, and is divided into a few sections:

About me

I’m Jayu Eleuthéria—or Jayu for short. You may use she/her to refer to me.

I’m currently a psychology undergraduate at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande. I intend on becoming a practicing psychoanalyst soon.

I learn and make other things on the side. Art is a lifelong hobby; I’m also a translator. I’m one of the founding members of Zero à Esquerda, a Brazilian leftist online publication that began its life as a translation collective. I enjoy worldbuilding and I'm slowly crafting a few stories that one day shall see the light of the day.

I'd like to learn how to sing, compose and play an instrument one day. I'm starting with the bass.

My interests are fickle. Better to deduce them from what I’m currently engaged with or through what I post around the internet.