Creation: 2022-07-10
Last modification: 2023-05-05

Hi there! I’m Jayu. This is my personal site.

To learn more about it (and me), visit About. I share what I’m currently doing, feeling and thinking about at Now. Papers, essays, translations and other similar content I’ve made are located at Productions. For the art I make, go to triebe. I keep a public Zettelkasten, a type of personal knowledge base, which can be found at Zettelkasten. You should visit Fun too—go there to find out why. For my blog, Blog. Projects I’m involved with are listed at Projects. For my portofolio, resume, social media profiles, and contact info, visit Contact and Info. For webrings I’ve joined and web directories I’ve made, access Webrings and Assorted Cool Links.

This site is currently under construction.

Flowers for the End by Jayu Eleuthéria is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International